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AS IS Residential Contract For Sale And Purchase THIS FORM HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE FLORIDA REALTORS AND THE FLORIDA BAR 1 × 3 4 5 6 7× 8× 9* PARTIES: and agree that Seller shall sell and Buyer
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(including all surrounding Counties and Cities ); State , (b) Lot number , (c) Legal description of Land: Description, Lot/Unit/Build-out or Landlord-Tenant Map/Picture; Owner, Landscaper, Plastering Contractor, or Builder and of any other employees and/or contractors as to which the same does or does not apply; (d) Landscaping, (e) Sewers, (f) Building Code, (g) Owner of any Building which is on said lot; (h) Property is not subject to a Tax lien or any liens or encumbrances under the laws of Florida; (i) Property is not a crime scene; (j) Property is not subject to a criminal court sale order; and (k) Property is not an impaired live-in home. 2. CONDITIONS ON SALE AND PURCHASE OF PROPERTY: (a) Seller shall execute Title and Title Certification by an agent of Seller's choosing and Seller shall have good title and may register and deliver a Certificate of Title and any other documents or instruments required by State law to register real estate and the deed to the transaction and the transaction itself. (b) Buyer shall execute Title Certification and shall have good title and may register and deliver a Certificate of Title to Buyer's agent with good standing in Florida. (c) Seller and Buyer may enter into one or more agreements between themselves covering the payment of all costs of sale of Property and all payments, including but not limited to, taxes, insurance, and duties or assessments under any tax, mortgage, sale, or deed of trust deed law that may apply to or against the Property. Seller and Buyer agree that any such agreement for payment of costs of sale of Property shall not be enforceable and that Buyer may pay all costs, fees imposed by law, or other applicable fees to Seller by the terms of this Residential Contract Unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing during the course of this Residential Contract and Purchase, Seller and Buyer may at any time cancel this Residential Contract and Purchase at any time with written notice to the other. (d) Seller shall execute the sale contract and the purchase contract, and all documents incorporated by reference therein, on behalf of Buyer and Buyer shall pay and agree to pay Seller all amounts specified in this Residential Contract and Purchase, including but not limited to fees charged by Seller for the execution of the sale contract and purchase contract, fees, if any
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Hi this is John's Rosin and with Jeff green here, and we're going to show you guys how to fill out and as is residential contract for purchase or sale Jeff green how you're doing I'm doing great I'm down here in sunny South Florida life is good perfect uh something you tell these people how to fill out the barn of our daughter all right well you've got hot spots I call them there's just certain areas of the contract other areas were put together by the Florida Bar their attorneys for the state of Florida, and they put this together and if it's good enough for them yeah, so it's an ad says we always use it as is and the reason is that we don't want to warranty the properties we do a great job in renovations or whatever but if it's something we're selling everything's as is most of the things we buy from the bank is as is also, so you really got to be careful every once in a while somebody will sneak one in it's not, and then you're responsible for repairs up to 12 percent the purchase parts so what we have here is owner of record banks don't like that they want the actual description, but it works in most places you can always do an addendum to add whoever's name or change it or wherever so here's a property that we've been looking at, and it's going to fade five bolts away and here is where we get all the information to put onto the contract there we go all right, so owner of record would go here we've always bought everything in a Land Trust that way it's a sign of all asset protection estate planning Land Trust is a great vehicle to buy and sell properties it gives you some anonymity, and it takes a lot of risk away that's so easy it's such a great vehicle, so you can hold property so here we have the street address you know pretty simple 101 eighty-five blocks away plumage Gardens Palm Beach County here's a parcel quick phone number I never put the legal myself that's a title company or attorney thing we'll let them put that the parcel got the address we're good to go it isn't as his contract, but it can make an offer to the bank you want them to see and even you know regular Stellar's in the property want them to see right here and here that you're very serious it does is just the way it is now linked it down here to the purchase price and on this particular one 282 initial deposits made payable and delivered escrow agent and a thousand dollars we're going to buy the property we want to make a good offer we want them to another four series we can put a thousand there but go right ahead we'll go ahead and get the property ourselves because we're putting up a bigger deposit, and you look at that but if you look right here made within three days, so we can put zero inspection period on the contract we still have three days before we ever put the deposit up by then we'll have plenty of time to go inspect it to look at the code enforcement with it whatever when we to do expired permits to make sure that what we're buying it's going to be a great...
What is as is residential contract?
Such contracts are often termed “as is” contracts by which the buyer accepts the property in its current condition, “as is” without warranty by the seller as to any particular conditions. ...
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